About Me

I asked ChatGPT to ask me a few questions for my About Me page, so here they are:

Who are you?

  • My name is Sabrina, I was born in 1983 in Singapore to my Seychellois mother and my Filipino father. We later moved to Philippines where I spent my formative years. After my parents separated, my 3 siblings and I moved to my mother’s hometown in Victoria, Seychelles. My 4th and youngest sibling was born 2 years later, so I suppose my parents weren’t 100% separated by then! I am a “jus sanguinis” citizen of both Philippines and Seychelles. I permanently reside in Seychelles. English is my first language and I don’t speak either of my parents’ mother tongues (Seychellois Creole and Tagalog) [anymore]. Mandarin Chinese is my 2nd language, acquired while studying in Shanghai, China.

What is your blog about?

  • I’ve always been a diarist, so there’s always been a part of me that needs to journal. This blog is for me to write about what it’s like being a woman in her 40s, living the island life as a vegan, Buddhist, agnostic theist, and an extreme introvert with debilitating social anxiety. Social anxiety is a huge part of who I’ve become, and I hope that through this blog I can, to some extent raise awareness of the struggles I encounter on a daily basis.

Why did you start your blog?

  • We often forget about the small, simple yet wonderful things that happen in our daily lives and with this blog, I hope to remember.

What are your qualifications or experiences?

  • I have a Bachelor’s of Medicine in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The course is in Integrative Medicine (applying both “Western” or “Bio” Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine in practice). I have experience in Project Management, Marketing & Imports as well as Web Design & Development from previous employment positions. I currently own a retail store with my twin sister, and I am considering furthering my education, possibly a Master’s in Public Health or Clinical Diagnostics. I wish I could do Pharmacology, but I can’t be involved in animal experiments, so that’s a definite no-go for me.

What are your interests or hobbies outside of blogging?

  • I enjoy Scuba diving (I’m a Padi-certified rescue diver), I enjoy watching crime documentaries on Youtube, I am a gamer (primarily mobile games and Meta Quest VR). I am also a deltiologist (vintage postcards), philatelist (Seychelles mint / never-used stamps) and a numismatist (pure gold coins only).

Updated: 2nd April, 2024.