25th June 2024, 8:53pm – Journal Entry #51

Mood: Meh
Weather: 27°C, Clear
Vaping: Vozol 12000 Puffs Pineapple Coconut Ice
Drinking: Decaf Tea with Barista Oat Milk
Location: Mont Fleuri, Mahe, Seychelles

I totally understand why someone would want to smoke or vape now. I always say “sometimes what kills your body heals your mind” and it’s one of those “pick your poison” type of things. I can’t seem to get to the point of deep thought anymore. I’ve changed, ever since I started vaping again. I don’t think I’ve ever hit this level of addiction. I can literally spend all day just vaping.

I’ve lost the motivation to do much at the moment. I’m overwhelmed with items on my pending tray so it’s causing me to procrastinate on things I need to do. I can see prominent signs of aging all over my body and it’s contributing to my downward spiral.

I’m spending the days watching Shark Tank and Friends. Shark Tank frustrates me because I start to think about how much I’m just not getting done compared to some people. So Friends is more within my comfort zone.

I sometimes wish I wasn’t living here. It’s a boring place and I feel like a foreigner. There’s not much to do around here and I struggle to relate with people here.

I’m going to try to have an early night today so I’ll close here.

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