23rd June 2024, 11:56am – Journal Entry #50

Mood: Meh
Weather: 31°C, Clear
Vaping: Vozol 12000 Puffs Pineapple Coconut Ice
Drinking: Bavaria Flavoured Malt Drink
Location: Mont Fleuri, Mahe, Seychelles

I’ve hit an all time low with my weight, I’m at 47.45 kgs and I haven’t been this “light” for close to an entire decade! 10 years ago today, I was 44 kgs. I then left for Shanghai in the later part of the year and decided I wanted to try all the snacks in the world + eat canteen food on a daily basis. Late 2015 I spent the festive season with the family in Maldives where I gained 5-6kgs and I literally maintained that weight for years. I struggled with weight ever since then. In the past week I happened to bump into my ex at a shop in town (he currently lives close to where my store is located). He told me I’ve grown way too thin. My mother also told me that I’m too skinny. The problem with anybody’s weight loss journey is the noise people make when success is just around the corner.

A few weeks ago my Chinese postcrossing friend told me that he needs the space at his place where my boxes are. I found a company online where I can store my things, but in the list of items they need for me to register online, it includes some kind of “clearance” certificate. Anyway, I sent a Wechat message to that friend of mine telling him I’ll do my best to take my stuff this week, and he replied with the following:

Which essentially means he can give me until August to sort out my stuff. I do want to try to make it to Shanghai, because apart from these boxes, I do have a few other things I’ll need to sort out.

Saw some updates on Wechat moments from some of my ex-classmates. They’re taking pictures with their Masters degree graduation gown. It’s incredible how despite the pandemic and the setbacks, they have persevered and graduated 2 whole years later than they would have. I really applaud their determination. I’ve thought about going back but let’s face it, I’m just more of a business person. I’ve always tried doing other things but it just keeps calling me back. I’m 41, it’s just time to hone into what comes more effortlessly.

I have a new obsession, lol. I’ve been drinking “faux beer” Bavaria’s flavoured malt drink. 0% beer in Seychelles is a thing. I don’t really know why because nobody drinks beer like we do, but the older I get the more I want to drink alcohol in strict moderation. Faux beer is like drinking beer without having to deal with the effects of alcohol. An entire can of 330ml is only 66 calories so that works well for me too.

In the early hours of this morning (at around 1am or so) Thyl was sleeping on my table while I was playing games on my phone on my bed. I heard a “thud” against my window. I saw Thyl react and so I looked around for Thomas and he was nowhere to be found. It was a warm night so we left the AC running and we usually shut the sliding door (that opens into the balcony). I woke my sister up to tell her that “I think Thomas fell off the balcony”. We grabbed the pet carrier and ran downstairs. Thomas was stuck between a v-shaped branch. I remember seeing a ladder in the compound’s shed so we grabbed it and my sister had to climb the ladder to grab Thomas. Thomas was stuck 2 stories high, right outside of the downstairs neighbour’s bedroom window. Their lights were on, so I’m guessing his distressed calls startled them. We’re monitoring him today, he has a bit of a limp but apart from that he seems alright. It could have turned out really bad if the tall plants weren’t there to break his fall. Last year Thyl also fell off, and I’m guessing the plants broke her fall too. My guess is that because we accidentally left him in the balcony for possibly 2 hours, he was trying to call for attention but we were already in our rooms so we didn’t hear him. So he decided he would jump from the balcony to the window ledge of my room. Unfortunately the ledge has a 30 degree slant, and it’s quite narrow so he wasn’t able to hold on.

Fully comprehending the gravity of the situation and the negative outcome that might have ensued, I still find this incident funny. We have been trying our best to block the ledge of the balcony and shoo these cats away from hanging out even close to the edge whenever we see them there but they don’t listen so they’re learning this lesson the hard way. Thyl hasn’t been on the ledge ever since her fall last year.

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