1st June 2024, 11:51pm – Journal Entry #43

Mood: Motivated
Weather: 28°C, Clear
Location: Mont Fleuri, Mahe, Seychelles

I’ve been playing games and watching Instagram reels for the most part of the day that my eyes are seeing blur. But I thought I might as well jot down a few words anyway before the day is over. It’s June 1, which is also Children’s Day here in Seychelles and some parts of the world. Shenseea is also holding her first concert in Seychelles which is something many Seychellois have been looking forward to for months. I don’t really know much of her because I was in China when she shot to fame but my sister was in Barbados when she found out about her and she’s liked Shenseea’s songs since then.

I’m still busy cleaning my bedroom, lol. Let’s just say I have so much crap to sort out. I feel as though I’ve been throwing away so many things but I still have so much to sort out. It’s never-ending! It’s already close to midnight but I still have some energy in me to do as much as I can tonight itself. My room becomes extremely warm in the day time because I replaced the thick, dark curtains with a thin, beige one. My intention was to make the room brighter with natural light, but I realize the sunlight is messing up a lot of my stuff. My laptop’s fans are constantly on (it goes on if the device is heating up), and I’m sure it struggles to cool down because the room is too warm.

My mother just sent me a message on FB messenger telling me that she has arrived in Sri Lanka, and that she bought me vegan chocolate. When I was in Sri Lanka I couldn’t find anything. Well, there was the vegan Kit Kat, and dark chocolates with nuts. I didn’t buy them because I wasn’t in the mood for dark chocolate. I much prefer chocolate with alternative milk, esp. oat milk but at this point I haven’t had chocolate in so long I’ll accept anything.

My sister’s cat Thomas is breaking my room’s door. It’s “chicken Sunday” tomorrow and the cats are acting up. I’ve just placed a new and clean washable lint remover “refill” right outside my door. That way if a cat is outside my door and they decide they want to hit or scratch the door, their little paws will stick on the lint remover and they will hate the feeling of it. This will keep them away from breaking the door and disturbing my sleep. Thyl is the next one who will be kept outside. Last night she actually attacked me. She was meowing her head off too close to my head (I don’t trust her). So I was about to carry her away from my head and she decided that was the best time to grab my arm, and attempt to tear the skin off with her aging teeth. It hurt, and she was clenching her teeth down into my skin until I screamed an “ouch!” I then shooed her out of my room where she spent most of the night outside in the living room with Thomas. She just went out onto the balcony to attack Thomas. What the heck is going on? As much as I love these cats, I still feel it’s important to set boundaries and for them to respect my boundaries.

I’m going to take a bit of a break from vaping, I feel it’s affecting my health. I can wake up fine and when I start vaping, my head starts to hurt and my throat starts to feel irritated. I started vaping again a few months ago when I was going through a lot emotionally and it really and truly worked wonders during that period. I feel emotionally alright, so I’m now only vaping out of habit. I will most likely experience migraines in the next few days. I had a headache earlier while I was vaping. Instead of reaching out for some triptan however, I decided to take panadeine and topped it with even more codeine phosphate. Every time I feel like having a few puffs, I’m going to play a game instead. Mafia City works well because there are tasks that I need to complete, which is sufficient in diverting my thoughts.

Today I made some food that should be enough for the next few days. I used 2 whole packs of mixed frozen vegetables, a can of whole peeled tomatoes, a jar of pasta sauce, about 6 whole potatoes and a tablespoon of canola oil.

Our total earnings for the month of May has surpassed that of April. it also surpassed last year’s May earnings. Our earnings last year in June hit an ATH for us when we had improved our strategy so this month we have a lot of work ahead of us if we want to do better than last year. We are putting measures in place this year to curb expenses because at the end of the day, profit is what we’re looking to achieve. We made the calculation and my assumptions were correct: 2 employees are better than 1. With 1 employee taking a total of 1 hour and 30 mins break every day, we are actually losing more than if we were to employ 2 people so that we can remain open. Our loss would actually be considered significant. We do question, if the people who come by and see that we’re closed for a break or lunch would actually return. For a more accurate figure, we would have to expand the duration / period from days to weeks and from weeks to months. But for now, we only have the period of when the girls started working up until now. We are going to keep the girls as casual workers this month, we feel that the daily pay probably makes them feel rewarded on a daily basis. If they want to abuse sick leave, we won’t feel bad about it because they literally can just take the day off and we won’t have to pay them anything. They would probably also feel that they lost money that they could have earned. As opposed to sick leave, where you would still get paid your full salary, as long as you have a doctor’s note.

The way it works in Seychelles if you are hiring casual workers, you will have to pay them an annual leave bonus on the 5th day, for every 5 days of consecutive work. This amount should be half a day’s work. This may sound like nothing, but on the 5th day when they receive their daily allowance plus the bonus, it’s extra money that anybody could use. This also entices them to actually go to work because if they skip a day, they will not receive the bonus. Perhaps this level of staff work best with a casual contract. We do have to pay them a little bit more per day than what we would pay a regular employee, but honestly I think it’s worth it. There are no ties that bind, they can leave at any point and we can also let them go at any point. The downside is that if they come up with a loss that is beyond their daily wage, we will not be able to deduct enough. But my sister and I have discussed this, for any losses beyond their daily wage, we will just let them go and find the next person.

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