31st May 2024, 7:34am – Journal Entry #42

Mood: Motivated
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Location: Mont Fleuri, Mahe, Seychelles

I had to wake up a little bit earlier today because yesterday I had to go over the reconciliation form for the period of 2 weeks while I wasn’t in the country. The numbers are still not adding up so I invited my sister to go over the numbers with me in case I was missing anything. It was still not adding up. While my sister believes we should deduct it from our ex-employee’s salary, there are certain things we cannot calculate anymore. As soon as we returned, we didn’t go to the store immediately because we were both tired and still sick. So more cash was added to the drawer (combined with the earlier earnings). As soon as we got to the store, I just took the combined cash from the drawer and didn’t count it. Because I didn’t count it, I have no proof that any cash is missing. The only thing I can go by is the cash that was deposited into the account during our period of absence.

Honestly, I don’t even care. If anything is missing by accident then it is what it is. The employee’s salary is minute, on top of that we cannot get to a concrete conclusion with this, so I will just drop this whole thing and learn from it. She will be paid her full salary, I already paid her pension, but we deducted a small percentage of her performance-based bonus.

The other day I completed my set tasks for our 2nd business: the domain name was registered, the logo was designed, the website has been built, and the business cards have been designed and printed out. My sister and I do distribute tasks according to who would do it better or faster and who is more comfortable completing the tasks. So she’s also been working on her set of tasks. The next few things I need to do includes importing marketing/promotional items, and a few required basic materials. This new business is going to be extremely overwhelming for us because it’s not something we have any experience in. But I remember when we first started retail, it was also something we had very little experience in and we’re not doing a bad job with it. It’s important to just give it time to grow and give it everything we’ve got.

This weekend I want to start creating some new reels for my Instagram account. I need to accumulate enough followers so that I can also get into online retail for my own business. The issue I’m facing is that my current followers are always asking me to swap with them instead of asking me if they can purchase something from me. How do I change this? I need to re-evaluate how I’m projecting my content as, because I want to change the direction from swapping, to it being a commercial channel. The only way I can see this changing if my reels go viral within the community, which could attract potential customers. I don’t really want to have to add the word “store” to my IG username, at least not yet. For now, I just need to attract more followers no matter who they are, where they’re from and what they do. This will help my account be more “authoritative”. It’s at this point where nobody really wants to see static posts anymore, it’s just all about reels.

Last night after working at the store, we went to Vimal Supermarket again. There is a pistachio chocolate there that my sister loves. I was able to get some Veto spread, more Jelly Tots, a pack of Vegi Steak and a large baguette! The spread tastes really good with baguette or paratha.

My current weight still stands at around 48Kgs. My target in the next 2 weeks is to lose 1 more kg. If I succeed in hitting 47Kgs in the next 2 weeks, I will have to maintain the weight for a few weeks or a month or so and then find another solution to drop the weight even further, my ultimate target being around 44-45Kgs. I want to cut down on snacking. I also want to cut my expenditures. I spend more money on snacks than many families spend on their monthly groceries. I spend too much money buying carbonated drinks – why can’t I just drink plain water? It would be a dream for me to cut all carbonated drinks from my diet, drink plain water, eat more fruits. I think I just thought of my next target!

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