19th May 2024, 10:07pm – Journal Entry #37

Mood: Lethargic
Weather: 29°C, Clear
Drinking: Vida Zero Sakura Sparkling Flavoured Drink
Vaping: Vozol 12000 Puffs Cool Mint
Location: Mont Fleuri, Mahe, Seychelles

I spent half the day trying to tidy up my room. Last night Thyl peed in some clothes I had placed on the floor. I basically have this bad habit of leaving clean clothes on my bed because the drawers that come with this apartment are difficult to open. Thyl then sleeps in my clothes and leave them with an entire layer of fur, which I then have to painstakingly use sheets upon sheets of lint remover to clean them out. So last night I just dumped these clothes on the floor and she decided to pee in them because I had accidentally left the sliding door closed) the AC was on and I left her litter box outside the balcony. She was meowing at me but I ignored her, so I guess that’s what I get for ignoring her. I had to run the washing machine twice last night – one for coloured and the other batch for black clothes. Let’s just say there is also an issue with my having far too many clothes and they just don’t fit into the cupboards. I also have far too many things I don’t even need. So this week will be about getting rid of the whole thing. Unlike my family who will tidily store stuff they don’t need and later give the stuff to people who need them more, I just throw my sh*t in the garbage bag.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 since 2014 purchased for about $650 at the time and a Sony Cybershot DSC-N1 since 2005 purchased for about $500, that I just want to throw out. That camera’s battery was sh*tty since I bought it at Carrefour in Shanghai. The camera itself was alright for that time. But the battery is now kaput and so is the Samsung’s battery. Instead of replacing them, it’s just less of a hassle to just throw them out. I also have that Geek Bar Pink Lemonade that’s been sitting at my desk staring at me. The entire experience isn’t good, now I know why it was so cheap. Let’s just say I want to chuck 75% of the things I have in my life right now. I looked into one of my neighbour’s bedrooms from downstairs as I was waiting for my sister in the car while she washed off bird poop off of one of the doors. The guy only had a table, what looked like a computer and a tiny shelf. The expats here definitely live minimalistically (is that even a word?). I’m always too overwhelmed when it comes to tidying up my room because I just have just accumulated too much stuff these past few years.

The rest of the day was spent working at the store. We were on our feet just rearranging things and putting up prices so that the girls will not confuse anything. We still have stuff to do but we’ll push it for tomorrow or another day. We’ll be going to the store tomorrow morning to go through a few more things with the girls. I’m hoping tomorrow is a better day (financially), I have to pay the rent for this apartment tomorrow, and a few other bills.

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