17th May 2024, 11:53pm – Journal Entry #36

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Location: Mont Fleuri, Mahe, Seychelles

I reached out to the girl who works at my old job, the Whatsapp message didn’t even go through so I forwarded the same message to her hours later using her other phone number and she replied almost immediately. By then it was close to 11am and she said something like she was about to call me. She told me she had 2 meetings and was having issues with her boss. It’s almost 11am and you’re supposed to have lunch with people you wanted to have lunch with – and it was your suggestion, and you forget to let them know that you can’t make it? There is something seriously wrong with this girl, it was so disrespectful for her not to even let me know earlier. So she then pushes the lunch for tomorrow, and I told her that my sister and I had already planned to work this weekend because the weekend is the only time we get to really be at the store when the staff aren’t there. She then went on as if I’m not a serious person. I told her to push the lunch to another time next week. My sister felt her day was ruined because she really wanted to go to Dolce Vita for lunch. So I told her that we could go anyway, and so we did.

We went to the store to see the girls briefly. It was not a good day in terms of earnings. We haven’t really brought in anything new lately, we’ve been pushing the old stock so it’s expected. That, and it’s not really payday just yet so it’s expected. The girls looked like they were bored all day (we can see them in the security cameras). We called one of the girl’s references, the supervisor who answered the phone told us that she had no issues at the store and that she left for reasons unrelated to her work. It was also her decision to leave, she wasn’t fired or let go. We find the other girl extremely timid, but what the heck can you expect when you’re trying to hire minimum wage employees?

My sister seems down lately, she isn’t her usual talkative self. We were both sick in Maldives so it was an exhausting trip that didn’t really help us de-stress. While we were there our ex-employee also submitted her resignation and so we had to carry that burden in our minds while we were there. It’s not like when we were in Maldives a few months ago and it’s like all the world’s stress completely faded away. I asked my sister if she wanted to go to Praslin to just get out of this place again for a short while but she didn’t respond. I guess she is also stressed out about the added expense of the new employee and the low earnings. Today we actually earned something during the time the staff would normally be on a break, so that possibly validates the necessity of having a 2nd employee. I’m preparing a new consignment, so we should have new stock the week after next, just in time for both government and private payday.

Yesterday I checked my P.O. Box and saw a letter dated 6th May from the Ministry of Lands and Housing. They sent me an acknowledgement letter that reads:

We acknowledge receipt of your Condominium Housing Application form, dated 18th April 2024.

Kindly note, that as per the Condominium Allocation Policy, all new application must meet initial application criteria before being accepted. You application will be going through a due diligence process against those criteria, before accepted and processed further.

For any further queries, kindly visit our Customer Service Centre from 8.30am to 3.00pm during the week or you can call us on 4280600.

For: Principal Secretary – Housing Department.

Christine and my sister have forwarded information on how to start an association here in Seychelles. I basically have to read 48 pages of the Associations Act 2022 and go through the ceps.sc website. I will then have to register its name and fill out the CEPS membership form. It’s quite overwhelming already. I will need to have a minimum of 10 members. Where will I even find these members? According to my sister the 10 members don’t have to reside in Seychelles and they don’t have to be Seychellois citizens. So I guess I will have to find a minimum of 9 people who are:

  • motivated to jump on board with me
  • have no financial constraints to pay the annual membership fee
  • agreeable
  • well-connected to help with grants, & funding
  • people who deeply care about the objective of the association
  • people who believe in me and my ability
  • willing to take a more supportive role rather than always wanting to override directions or change the objectives
  • people with skills and time to assist wherever and whenever necessary
  • extremely reliable
  • not money-driven
  • not overwhelmed with other commitments from other associations and foundations

I already have a few fundraising ideas but I’m already getting ahead of myself. I’ll have to personally calculate how much money I will need to even start approaching potential members about this.

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