17th May 2024, 08:05am – Journal Entry #35

Mood: Motivated
Weather: 28°C, Light Showers
Drinking: 7up Zero
Vaping: Vozol 12000 Puffs Watermelon Bubble Gum
Location: Mont Fleuri, Mahe, Seychelles

Lately I’ve been waking up very early and this is affecting my intermittent fasting regimen. Normally, I would wake up at around 9 or even 10 am, this would make eating at 12 pm something quite easy to wait for. But now I’m waking up at 6 am, and the 6-hour wait is unbearable. I might have to adjust this, and start fasting earlier. I’ve already returned to 49 kgs from 48, and this is physically visible. I already look fatter. I’ve been eating 2 portions of spaghetti daily, which is something I used to do when I was still at 51Kgs. So today I begin attempting to drop the weight again, as opposed to maintaining it. I do have something similar to a ratatouille, that I’ve made to eat with spaghetti. But today I will be eating that, minus the pasta. When I was at 48kgs, you could almost see the youth return to my face and body. According to the Zepp app, I still have quite a bit of body fat to lose.

I sent Christine a message earlier to ask her if she knows anyone who has created a non-profit association here in Seychelles. She said she will contact some people and see if she can get me some information. I’ve decided that I want to create an association for mental health awareness and education here in Seychelles. This month is mental health awareness month, and there is nothing being said or pushed to educate or to create awareness of the struggles that people with debilitating mental health issues are facing here in Seychelles. As someone who struggles on a daily basis because of my social anxiety, I just feel I need to do something. I’ll need to work on the mission statement and I’ll be looking through at some other documents that I will need to complete.

This morning I placed an order for another disposable vape and guess what, the guy just called and delivered it close to my residential address. So I’m psyched, I got the Vozol 12000 Cool Mint again. The Watermelon Bubble Gum is already at 10% puffs so that can be put aside for now.

Yesterday my sister and I went to our store to train the 2 new girls. Did I mention we decided to get 2 girls instead of just one? I told my sister that we need to go there to train 2 so that if one leaves the other one can help with the training. We also always need 2 people there so that we don’t ever close. We noticed that every time we are there and the staff is on a break, so that would be 30 minutes break in the morning and their 1 hour lunch in the afternoon, we actually do get people coming by to buy a few things, so technically, it should earn us enough to cover the 2nd staff and then more.

We actually did only a morning session with them yesterday, and my sister wanted to leave them alone and get them to “figure it out”. So we left them alone in the afternoon, we made a few sales and when we returned there in the evening, there was no issue with the reconciliation. So today they will be left at the store alone for most of the day. Another girl who works at the previous company I worked for wants to have lunch with my sister and I later so if we do meet up with her for lunch, we will go by the store to see how the girls are doing. If they have any questions – which they should – they can ask us then.

My phone (iPhone 13 pro max) feels as though it’s starting to malfunction. The touchscreen isn’t as sensitive as it used to be. I might have to get a new one, I expect the 16 pro max will be released this year so I’ll probably just get that one. The issue is that iPhones all look the same now, it doesn’t feel as though you’re holding something brand new. But yeah, the 13 is already quite old, I’ve had it since 2022. The 15 is made of titanium, so I expect the 16 will be made of the same thing. According to GSM Arena, the iPhone 16 pro max is set to be even bigger than the 15, which would be great for my failing eyesight. All my current and previous staff have iPhones. In Seychelles where iphones are double the price of what you get them for abroad (so a brand new pro max would cost you US$2000), how do unemployed people or minimum wage earners have an iPhone pro max? A used one can cost around $800. One of my current staff also looks as though she was wearing an Apple watch – I purchased my Ultra 2 for SCR 13,000 which was well over US$950 at the time. There are a lot of imitations here in Seychelles, so I don’t know if she’s wearing an original or not. She wasn’t wearing an expensive perfume however, and to me, that is very telling of a woman’s financial position especially if you are riddled with Apple devices here in Seychelles.

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